Friday, July 24, 2009

Weeding and Sliding

This week we have been doing lots of weeding of the flower beds and the walk ways. Here is Isabella going down the slide 'one' more time before starting to weed.
Zach put on his sweat bands to get ready to weed. It must have worked because he filled up his bag with weeds in less than 10 minutes.

Josh did lots of sliding and throwing sand at Zach and Bella while we were working. The wonderful thing after weeding is getting to go swimming afterwards. It is so nice. Plus the weather was really nice this week. The high was only 92 degrees so that was nice.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sir Josh

Josh has become a knight again. He loves to ride his stick horse and go looking for a dragon to fight. He has a toy dragon that he gets first, and then he is off to fight more exciting dragons. The exciting dragons are called Bella and Zach. The house gets pretty noisy. Josh is so cute though when he is riding through the house.

Zach this week was able to go see Harry Potter with his dad. Josh was pretty sad that he didn't get to go, but we thought it would be to long for him. We also spent lots of time swimming and trying to find a doctor, dentist, and sign Bella up for dance. No luck yet we are still waiting for them to call back. We will probably try calling again on Monday. Hopefully we have better luck.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Primary Activity Day

Bella cooling off at the water park.

Zach enjoyed playing with friends throwing a water ball at each other.

Josh wasn't sure about the water at first but then he really got into it.

Today we went to a Primary Activity. We went to the park and played in the water and on the cool playground. It was pretty hot but the kids still had tons of fun. They also enjoyed the freeze pops. The water felt nice and helped keep everyone cool. This week Josh also got his first bee sting. I was weeding and Josh was cooling his feet in the pool and when he went to stand up his hand landed on a bee and stung him. Poor thing.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4

After reading Lisa's blog about this year's family reunion it made me remember last year. So here are a couple pictures from last year. Here is Matt and Josh with one of the many fish Matt caught in my dad's ponds. Josh had fun watching Matt with me. Josh especially liked helping release the fish.

Zach needed to build a fire to pass of for scouts so here he is with the fire he built and started.
Sorry Lisa to hear that there was no dancing. Maybe they will do it the next time you go camping. We wish we had been there.

Bella and Josh posing for a picture in the backyard. Isabella knew just where she wanted to take this picture.

Zach,Bella, and Josh show off their new 4th of July shirts.

Josh shows of the tower he made. He sorts them in the shapes and then stacks them.

This 4th of July we kind of took it easy. We ordered pizza and then went swimming afterwards. It is kind of fun to swim at night. Unfortunately that is when the pool is the warmest because it has had the sun warming it up all day so the water was pretty hot. We still had lots of fun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dance Pictures

Here is our little ballerina. She is modeling the costume she would have worn if we had been able to stay for her dance recital in May. Her hair went a little flat because she had swimming that day at school and we didn't have enough time to dry it and get it curled for pictures. Plus the movers were packing our stuff that day. We still think she looks beautiful.

Here Bella is striking a pose in her hip-hop outfit. She is just to cute. She loves to do a cheesy smile for some reason. Silly girl.