Monday, November 1, 2010


I thought I would update you on what each of the kids have been up to. I thought I would start with Josh. He has been enjoying speech and is really doing well. We also go to story time and go to the park for a play group(if it is to hot we go to Chic-fil-a. Josh loves it. He has also informed me that he doesn't want to go to school. I guess well have a little while to get him motivated. Silly guy.

Josh riding his dragon. We went to the zoo on the one Saturday Zach and Bella didn't have a soccer game. We had perfect weather (83 degrees) love it. Josh loved the fact about the Kimono dragon about if it spits on you it can kill you.
Josh loves finding interesting things to do at soccer games. On this particular day he was putting leaves on a stick. He also had to get the cute skeleton jacket.

Day at the park it was Read for the Record day. Curious George read The Snowy Day. They had several games for the kids to play. Here is Josh throwing "snowballs" through the hole. He had a lot of fun. We didn't stay long enough this year to see Hugo and the Hornet cheerleaders, but we did check out the Insectitarium exhibit. Josh was so into it. He loved watching the scorpions. It was pretty active.


For Halloween this year we did Trunk-or-Treat at our ward on Friday and we just handed out candy on Sunday. I made a fun dinner of monster mashed potatoes along with a pumpkin bread pudding. For the monster mashed potatoes I made the potatoes into a circle and then put broccoli around the top for the hair and cut carrots for the eyes and corn for the mouth. This is one of Bella's favorites. Even though we didn't go trick-or-treating this year the kids had fun handing out candy and seeing all the fun costumes. We only had two trick-or-treaters come once the Saints game started.

Zach as a Storm Trooper.

Josh as a knight
Bella as a Gypsy. I took her a while to get use to wearing the eyelashes.
Matt dressed as a desert prince and Amy went as a witch to the ward party. Matt won a prize for the scariest costume. I should have taken a picture. I totally spaced it. Next year!