Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chirstmas Morning

Christmas Morning finally came for the kids. We enjoyed hearing Josh sing Christmas songs this year. He loved singing "We Wish you a Merry Christmas." So cute. The kids we happy with everything they got.
Isabella still looks half asleep while finishing opening her presents. She got a lot of littlest pet shops which she loved and also got enough points to send in for a free elephant. She also was very excited to open up some kissing frogs that mom wouldn't let her get at Disney World, thanks to Grammy and grandpa Gardner.

Josh as a pirate. Josh loved everything He is at such a fun age. He got lots of dragon stuff and dinosaur shirt which he had to wear from grandma and grandpa Winters.

Zach opening his laser tag present that mom got for him. We had a lot of fun playing with it on Christmas morning. He was also very exciting to get some more football trading cards for Grandma Greta and Grandpa Pres. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts. We wish we had been there and miss everyone a ton.

Christmas Lights

During our time out of school before Christmas we went down to New Orleans and looked at the Christmas lights at City Park. It was a lot of fun. The hot chocolate however was very, very hot. It took a long time for it to cool down. The kids loved playing at the storybook village at the park.

Here are the kids inside the whale from Pinoccio.
Here they are again on Captain Hooks boat. Isabella is trying to give Zach some bunny ears. Quite the girl. We also we able to enjoy a delicious funnel cakes. Josh's favorite lights were of the giant dinosaurs, Bella loved the light show that went along with the story "A Cajun Night Before Christmas." Gotta love those alligators pulling the sleigh. Zach had fun watching the laser light show with the music.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. We had a great Christmas. Zach woke up at 5:00 am. He waited very patiently for Bella, Josh and Matt to get up. I started making muffins and other goodies for breakfast. He is a picture of the kids after church on Sunday. Josh didn't want to pose for a picture so Zach and Bella hung on tight while I hurried and snapped a picture.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disney World

At Disney World we stayed in a cabin at Fort wilderness by the Magic Kingdom. We got to take a ferry every time we went to the Magic Kingdom. Josh loved the cabin and wanted to stay forever.

Bella at the table inside the cabin. Enjoying the packet of welcome to Disney World for the 1st time stuff.

Zach with his new and improved Buzz Lightyear gun. Zach got a Buzz Lightyear gun when we went to DisneyLand and couple of years ago. He must really love that toy. Josh got a keychain version which he loved just as much.
Josh locked up with Zurg. Josh didn't quite get the ride the 1st time but the second time he was really into it. We loved all of the shows and parades we were able to attend. we went the the Lion King show, Dreams Come True at the Castle, Country Bears, Nemo in 3-D, Philomagic, Block party parade and of course the fireworks. Bella was finally able to go on the scary rides with Matt. She went on everyone except for Matterhorn. What a girl!. We had a great time and can't wait to go back.

The beach at Florida

During Thanksgiving week we were able to take a family trip to Florida. Matt did all the planning and did a great job. We left Friday after school got out and drove to Destin, Florida where we spent the night. Saturday we spent the morning at the beach. It was so beautiful with all the white sand. The kids had fun building sand castles and chasing seagulls. Matt also found a crab in a tide pool which made Josh very happy.

Zach posing with a seagull that they chased and chased.

Josh being sneaky. So cute.

Bella didn't want to go to the beach at first but had a lot of fun while she was on the beach once she got out of the car.