Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Fall is in the air. I will post some pictures later this week of the beautiful fall colors of the trees. Along with enjoying the wonderful fall weather we have been busy with soccer for Josh and basketball for Zach. Both are having lots of fun.

Here is a great shot of Josh being goalie. He is not afraid of going after the ball.

Josh is on his way to scoring a goal. He has scored 2 goals in the last two games.

Josh posing in his goalie gear. Our team got a new goalie helmet. So cute.

Josh on the wagon ride from getting pumpkins. He had a lot of fun.

Josh, Bella, and Zach enjoying some cotton candy after the wagon ride and getting pumpkins.

This are apple gourds. I had never seen these before. We thought they were pretty cool.

Another shot of Josh and Bella enjoying cotton candy in the barn.

Josh with the pumpkins he picked. 1 green and 1 orange.

Bella and her white pumpkin. Zach decided he didn't want a pumpkin. I think the reason was Matt and I told the kids that they had to be able to carry their pumpkins. There were some really big pumpkins out in the field.

Zach enjoying the wagon ride.

Bella and Josh on the wagon. Our wagon was pulled by a blue tractor just like Grandpa Winters'. We had a lot of fun. Hopefully we will be able to do a corn maze next week.