Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bella's Birthday

Isabella is now 9 years old. I can hardly believe it. The last day of school happened to be her birthday this year. She had a great day. She is such a wonderful girl. We sure love her.

This is a picture of her fancy do. For Activity day's the girls learned about hair and how to take care of it. Then they had their hair and nails done.

Blowing out the candles. Josh picked out trick candles for the cupcakes. Bella got tired of blowing them out so her brothers helped her out. It was pretty fun to watch. She later informed me that she did not want trick candles again.

Picture of the cake. Littlest Pet Shop was the theme.

Bella in her new sun dress opening presents.

Josh was so excited for Bella's birthday. He loved helping me get ready for it. He wasn't so great about keeping secrets though. He would ask Bella questions like "Do you like pig pet shops?" So then Bella would come ask me if I had got her a pig pet shop toy. By the day of her birthday I think she knew most of her presents.

Bella again in this picture you can see her red eyes from allergies. Poor thing the pollen in the air here has really gotten to her.

I was able to have one surprise for her birthday. Josh and I rushed around and gave her room a make over. She was so surprised. I was so glad she liked it.

Bathroom shot. She loves Paris and hopes someday she will get to go.

Picture of the walls.

Here is her new comforter. I would have painted the walls white with some hot pink, but I knew since we will probably move again and colored walls don't appraise as well we would just leave the paint alone.

Bella had a great birthday and was so happy to come home from a special birthday dinner at Red Robin and have a birthday message from Grandma Greta. She also loved talking to Grammy Gardner. She loved everyones cards, and letters thank you.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Animal Fun

While we had family visiting we took everyone to see the Living treasure animals. We went on a wagon ride to see a up close look at the animals. There was one animal I would be happy not to see again. The animal is the ostrich. It kept going after my earrings. I kept leaning forward. Finally I ran to the other side of the wagon. The ostrich even bit Matt's brother on the shoulder. I was so glad when the wagon started moving again. The kids had a great time feeding the animals. It was great.
Badminton was also a great entertainment for the kids. I was so happy we finally had some sunshine.

Here is the reindeer that charged Josh. Josh was really hungry so I gave him so goldfish. I told him not to go by the fence because the animals would smell it and want some. Well Josh "forgot" what I said and was standing by the fence when all of the sudden I could see the animals head go up and it started running towards Josh. Josh was so scared. In the process of running away Josh tripped on the tree stump and scraped up his chin and knees. After that he didn't like the animals any more.

Bella loved the kangaroos. She was also able to pet them.

Josh loved feeding the baby deer carrots.

This thing had huge horns. I can't remember what it is called but it was from Africa.

Bella took this great picture of a peacock. Just beautiful.

Zach finally posing for a picture with the deer. Zach even feed some animals.

Towards the end of the animal ride there was a very strong smell. Here is a picture of what Josh thought of the smell. I think that says it all.

Bella on the wagon ride. She had to watch out for the horns when the animals turn their head so she wouldn't get stabbed

The boys enjoying the wagon ride. It ws so much fun the kids loved it. It was so nice to have family visit.

Wonderful Surprise

What a wonderful surprise! We were able to have Matt's parents and brother visit us for the Memorial Day weekend. Matt's parents came earlier in the week and hung out with me (Amy)and Josh. We spent all day in the hospital on Tuesday. Not fun they had originally told me it would only take 1hour 30 minutes, but the blood work took 2 hours 30 minutes to get in to have Josh's blood drawn. He also had his 1st x ray. I am so glad that went faster. Josh thought he was going to turn into a skeleton when he had his x ray taken. He was a little nervous. He did great. We had planned on going to the Andy Warhol museum after Josh's appointment but unfortunately that didn't happen because of time. Oh well. I was able to take them to the Harmony museum which was very interesting. I had to leave early to go get Zach and Bella to take them to an orthodontist appointment. Josh had fun and even got a free sheep he named "timmy" after one of his favorite shows "Timmy Time".

Josh riding a tire horse.

Enjoying the rain on our hike.

Covered bridge.

Matt and Josh by a mill. We weren't able to to the tour because the mill didn't open until the next day. They were stocking the water with fish while we were there.

Before we had family come the boys were able to do the Father Son campout. Everyone had a good time. Josh was so tired when he got home. They sure had a lot of laundry for only one night of camping.