Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bella and The Nutcracker

Isabella this year is taking dance at a more formal dance company than last year. Her teacher was a dancer with a Russian ballet company. She has had a tough time adjusting but is coming to love it. She doesn't like having to have her hair in a bun for class. Each year they put on The Nutcracker. You have to tryout. Isabella really wanted to try out so we let her. I had never done tryouts before so I was a little nervous for her. When we got there they took Isabella back to the room for tryouts. Parents were not allowed. She had fun and today we found out she is going to be one of the mice. She is very excited. We are proud of her and glad so was so brave.

Josh has started speech again and is doing great. We have been focusing on his 's' and 'f' sounds this week. His therapist is really nice. Zach started soccer. Matt has to be the Soccer dad because practices are on Thursday's and I have to help out at the Bishop's storehouse then. When I got home they were all covered in mosquito bites. Zach will also be getting some braces on Monday. He isn't that excited to be giving up some of his favorite snacks like Airheads. Oh well.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Josh Turns 3!

I can't believe that my baby is 3 now. It went by way to fast. Josh decided to have a Dinosaur birthday. Isabella helped decorate while Josh took a nap. He was so surprised when he woke up. IT was too cute. We even made him so Dinosaur jigglers.

Josh opening his presents. He loved everything.

Josh's cake. Underneath all that chocolate frosting is a pink cake. That is what Josh wanted. He was very insistent.

Josh opening Grammy and Grandpa Gardner's letter. He was so excited to get a 'credit card.'

Josh reading the book that Grandma and Grandpa Winters gave him. He also loved getting money. Isabella really wanted the money. She spent all morning trying to get him to give it to her. Silly girl.

The kids all had a better week at school this week so that was great. Matt was off shore this week also. The kids sure miss him when he is gone. We are glad that he made it back safely.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

School and Saints

Well school on Monday went more like how I pictured the first day of school. Zach didn't want to get out of the car. Finally I told him he couldn't go to the Saints game unless he got out. He said he would if I walked him in so that is what we ended up doing. Then it was time to take Bella to school. She didn't' want to walk in by herself either so I ended up walking her in also. I was so glad to get them to school. Then after Bella got home it was time to go to dance. Bella didn't want to go she was too tired. I finally talked her into going. She ended up liking it. There was even a girl from her primary class in her ballet and tap class. I was so glad when Monday was over. Grumpy kids are not fun.
The highlight of this week was when Matt took Zach to the Saints game on Friday. Zach was pretty excited. Plus the Saints won yeah! They got home late and Zach didn't get much sleep because I had to take him to soccer evaluations Saturday Morning. All the kids who have not previously played Mandeville soccer had to attend so they can make the teams balanced. He did great for being so tired. Josh came with us and loved cheering Zach on.

Friday, August 7, 2009

1st Day of School

Wow! Where has summer gone? It seems like we were just starting to enjoy summer and then school started. We are not enjoying starting before Labor Day, but we are trying to stay positive and remember that we will be done with school in May.

After Josh and I took the kids to school today we went to Barnes and Noble to look at books. Josh got a dragon book. He loves it. I think we read it at least 20 times today. I was able to find a book for Matt. They also do story time there on Tuesday. Josh will have fun going to that. He really enjoyed it in Pinedale.

Here is Zach our 4th grader. I can't believe he is in Middle School this year. I am feeling really old. He did really good at school today. I was really worried that he might not want to stay with out me but he did great. He was even able to hang out with a friend from soccer camp so that was nice.
Our 'sweet' little 2nd grader. She enjoyed school also and made a friend who even bought her a treat at snack time. She also rode the bus home. I was a little worried because it is an hour long ride. She enjoyed it though and is looking forward. To bad Zach won't. We had to wait in the car lone for about 30 minutes. It was crazy. Josh and I left early to get in the line fifteen minutes early. Not early enough though there was already and long line. It took even longer to get home because there was an accident and we had to wait for them to clean it up. It was nice to know the kids like their schools.
Happy Anniversary Matt! Can't believe it has been 11 years. It has gone by so fast. Love you.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Movie Night

Friday we had a movie night. Matt and Isabella went and picked up some movies. Zach and I ordered some pizza. We watched Coraline in 3-D. Isabella loved the web coming out at her. Josh got tired of the 3-D glasses and then started to jump on everyone to add to the excitement. They all thought the ending was a little scary. Josh calls it the monster movie.

Josh showing off his glasses. They wouldn't stay on so I had to tie them with so string.

Zach and Bella really like 3-D glasses.

Soccer Camp

This week it was soccer camp for Zach. I really felt for him having to spend 3 hours in the the heat. Camp started and 9 am and got done at 12. Long morning for Zach. He was really hot a tired when he got home. I am so glad he had fun. He liked playing in the world cup tournament they held.
Here is a picture of Zach after soccer camp. His shirt is totally wet from all the sweat. He also got sunburned the first day because I forgot to put on sunscreen.
Here is Zach playing soccer. He has on the black socks.

Trying to keep the other team from scoring. I felt bad we couldn't stand the heat for very long so we would go back to the car to cool off in the air conditioning.
Monday while Zach was at soccer we registered him for school. Isabella got registered on Wednesday. It took a long time to get her sign-up. Josh was really testing my patients with all the running around while we were standing in line. Friday we went to Orientation at Zach's school and on Saturday Isabella and I went to her school for orientation. I am gald that is over. It looks like they will both be attending very nice schools. Zach's in newer and has all the lastest technology.