Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zach The Boy Scout

Sorry it has been so long since I last put anything up. Hopefully now that we are moved in I will be able to be more regular on posting. About 3 weeks ago Zach became a by scout. Zach is having a lot of fun in boy scouts. about a week after we moved. Matt and Zach went on the Klondike campout. Zach had such a great time doing the races and camping out. Matt was a little cold. I did try to talk him into taking another sleeping bag :) Oh well. Zach is really looking forward to the next camp out. Here is Zach being presented with the troop number.
Zach taking the walk across the bridge from cub scout to boy scout.

I am feeling that we are almost settled into our new house. I will be glad when we are done with dentist and orthodontist. Isabella had to have two teeth removed. She did great. Zach will also be getting the bottom braces on this week. We also have an appointment with the neurologist for Zach next week. Josh is finally attending his primary class with out mom. Yeah! Josh is also enjoying play group with some kids from church.