Saturday, October 2, 2010

What We Have Been Doing

Sorry it has been over a month since I last posted. I have been busy getting back into the school schedule. The kids are now in school, and Josh is still doing speech. Josh is doing really well in speech he recently took another speech test and he scored in the average range for both articulation and sounds. He is also finally doing much better with the potty training. He can be so stubborn about it. Zach and Isabella are both doing soccer this year. I am ready for it to be over. The two games on Saturday is tough to handle along with the practices during the week. I think it would be fine if it wasn't so hot. Oh well, only 1 month left. Bella is doing the violin at school and Zach is learning to play the trumpet for band. He is doing great. We are also geat ready to start Zach's science fair project.
Matt and I have also gotten some more callings in the ward. Matt is now an employment specialist for the ward and I am now Isabella's primary teacher. We both still work at the store house also. As many have also heard Matt traded in his Mini Cooper for a Ford Mustang. Sorry I don't have a picture yet. The new car is pretty nice. Both Zach and Bella have gotten to ride in it. I still need to.
Here are some fun pictures of the kids playing some ping-pong. They like to play with everyone having a ball and a paddle at the same time. It gets pretty crazy.
Zach showing his awesome facial expressions.

Zach, Matt, and Josh, Matt took Zach to a preseaon game in August when the Saints played the Chargers. They got some great seats. Josh was a little sad he didn't get to go, but he can't quiet handle staying for a whole football game. Zach didn't even mind missing soccer practice.