Monday, July 11, 2011

Washington DC

While in Washington DC we were able to see several of the Smithsonian Museums. The kids all found different things that they were interested in.
Boat with cannons needless to say Josh loved it. It was called the Pennsylvania from the Revolutionary War. It was very cool.

Waiting for the parade to start. So glad we had Victoria with us. Each adult had one child so no one would get lost with the millions of people there for the 4th of July.

Isabella trying on a hat like Abraham Lincoln. The museum had one of his actual hats. That was one of Matt's favorites.

The Wright brothers first plane that flew.

Washington Monument. We didn't make it to the Lincoln Monument it was to far for Josh. Maybe next time.

Bella's favorite. The ruby red shoes from The Wizard of Oz.

Josh and Zach with Dumbo reminding them of Disney World.

The Hope Diamond. There were some many people in line to see this from all four sides. It was crazy.

In the museum of Natural History the blue whale over head. Very cool.

The boys in front of a grizzly bear. We had such a wonderful time. It was the first time for us to ride the subway. It was so much easier than driving. We had and great time at the concert and enjoyed hearing: Jordan Sparks, Josh Grobin, Matthew Morrison, Steve Martin on Banjo,and Josh's favorite Little Richard. He was so cute when he started to dance. Alas my camera was out of memory so I wasn't able to capture it. After the fireworks and concert in was crazy how many people were packed into the metro. It was like a can of sardines. Crazy. Matt and I both drove which was a good thing because we would have had a hard time in the truck. I only missed one exit and ended up driving through Washington DC so we got to see everything again. I was so scared. I don't do well driving in big cities. I was so glad Victoria was there to offer moral support and help watch for cars so I would know when I could more over. After that Matt would always try to make sure I knew ahead of time what exit we were taking so I wouldn't mess up again. I am just glad we made it back safely and had a great time.

On Victoria's last day with us we went and looked at the Amish countryside. It was so neat. Bella wasn't to impressed. We also were able to visit to shops. Thanks for visiting Victoria.


After going river rafting (check out Matt's Facebook page for pictures)We headed to Gettysburg. It was amazing to see. It was also very hot. It was neat to be there exactly 150 years to the date when the civil war was fought on that very spot.
Josh got a compass and a north and a south soilder from the gift shop. We had to take so breaks from walking. I forgot to pack the stroller.

Josh with another cannon. He loved it. Bella is talking a picture with her DSi

The cemetary at Gettysburg.

Some of soldiers for the north. We were also able to eat luch at McDonalds and have several of the actors come in to eat in their costumes.

Victoria Visits

My sister Victoria was able to come visit. It was so nice to see her. It took her awhile with plane problems but she finally made it. We were able to see some of the sights close to us and also go to Pittsburgh for a day.

They were having a giant sand sculpture done for the Regatta. It was very impressive.

The sand sculpture was right by Fort Pitt. Zach took a field trip here so we decided to go check it out. Josh loved the cannons. We have like 20 pictures of him with cannons.

Zach in a picture. No wonder he doesn't like me to take his picture. I took it before he was ready. He is still a cute kid.

View of Pittsburgh.

We did the incline trolley. It was fun the kids liked it. I did learn that they only take exact change and the change machine they have only puts out quarters so try to have something smaller than a twenty. I had a lot of quarters and it took a while to count out 13 dollars and 47 cents worth for a round trip. We let them keep the extra 3 cents.It had some fantastic views of the city.

Josh inside the incline trolley. It was first use in 1837.

We took Victoria on a hike at McConnells Mill. Bella and Victoria by a cave we saw along the path.

The kids by the river. They loved trying to skip rocks. Zach got up to 3. That was the best for the day.

By the covered bridge. We took Matt's parents here too, but it was raining so we didn't do the hike. We had great weather while Victoria was visiting.

Picture at the mill.


I put two of the same videos up Sorry. Here is Isabella.

Swimming Lessons

I finally got the videos to upload so here are some shots of Josh and Zach swimming. It took Josh a little while before he warmed up to his teachers and then he did great. Zach and Bella did wonderful. They both moved up to the next level. Josh will stay in level one again. The kids told me the water was very cold. I felt bad but I am so happy to see them becoming great swimmer. Zach will be passing off swimming for scouts right before we leave for Bear Lake.

Here is Bella jumping. I tried to get all three kids so it is kind off all over the place. Sorry.