Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday Pictures

Here are some fun pictures of Josh and Bella before church. The primary kids sang in church and they asked them to wear their Easter best. Zach didn't want his picture taken. He was a little tired from going to the basketball game the night before with dad and Scott.
Beautiful Bella
Cutie Josh. Zach would have matched Josh if he would have posed for a picture.

Catching Up

We did a big celebration for St. Patrick's Day this year. Josh was more excited for March 17 than for Christmas it was pretty funny. We had green pancakes for breakfast. Everyone wore green except for Bella who did wear green hair pretty. Before school the kids followed different shamrock trails left by a sneaky Leprechaun. Josh was the one who finally found the right path that led to the pot of gold (which was chocolate covered in gold foil). The pot also had two green balls for the boys and some lip gloss for Bella. Josh loved it he still is talking about it.

Here is a rainbow cup cake that I made for the special day. Josh had fun making the different colors.
Here is just a fun spring picture of Josh blowing bubbles. We have been loving the wonderful weather. Getting lots of flowers planted.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What We Have Been Up To

Sorry I haven't posted for like a month. We have been busy with everything. Picture of Josh with a knight at the blue and gold banquet. They even built a castle out of cardboard boxes. Josh loved it. It is probably a good thing he didn't bring his own helmet and sword because I have a feeling he would have taken on the knight.

Zach received his bear and his religious knot. We are so proud of him. We barely finished it before the banquet. In our stake they only give out awards for scouts once a year so we wanted to get it done before we move.

Zach and his pinewood derby car. We used his car from last year. He didn't win this year, but he was a great sport. They competed with the boy scouts. All of the cub scouts beat the boy scouts. It was pretty fun. Josh even took a few turns racing against his friend. He used Zach's first car the has only 3 wheels. It even beat one of the boy scout cars. Isabella just had fun running around with her friends. Matt missed it. He was in Houston with his new job.
Finally we have a soccer game. We have had rain every soccer game since January when soccer started up again. We have had two games the first game Zach's team won 3-1. 2nd game tied 4-4. Zach even scored in the second game. He usually plays defense. He does. great.
Josh has been doing great with speech. we have also started going to a play group. He had so much fun. Bella has been busy with friends and dance. For the spring dance recital they are doing Cinderella, for tap she is doing the monster mash.
This week we had doctor appointment and the flu. Monday Zach was sick and missed school. Tuesday we had doctor appointments all day for Zach. Wednesday Scouts. Thursday mom and Isabella have the flu. Friday Josh has flu and Bella still not feeling well so she misses school and field tip. She was pretty sad. Zach's test results came back and everything was normal so they are just going to keep him on his prescription for a couple years. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers. Saturday Josh still sick. Isabella goes to the movies with a friend and Zach has a soccer game. Sunday everyone is finally feeling better. Matt is the only one who hasn't been sick. Hopefully he doesn't it was nasty. I am hoping things go better this week so we can get things ready to put the house on the market by May.