Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

It is school time again here in the south. It seems like summer goes by so fast. Here are some first day of school pictures.

Josh wanted to have his picture taken too. After we took the kids to school Josh went to speech. He is doing so good. He is currently taking and test to see how much he has improved. He loves his therapist. He is alsways wanting to go to speech.

Zach is in the 5th grade this year. He is also going to do band this year. He is going to play the trumpet. He is very excited about it. I love that he is going to play an instrument. I started in 5th grade with the flute and played through high school I really enjoyed it. I love that Zach is willing to play an instrument. Matt just hopes he gets his practicing done before 6:00. ( That is when he gets home).

Isabella is in the 3rd grade this year. She gets to do the morning announcments and moring meeting on Monday's and help with other things during the meeting. She loves this. She is also going to try the violin this year. She is also going to take soccer this year. I hope this works out. She still pracitices her ballet moves from last year, but she decided she wanted a break.
It is hard to believe that my baby is now 4. He is such a wonderful easy going boy. We are so luck to have him in our family. Josh wanted to have a dragon theme for his birthday. I bet everyone is surprised to here that:) He loved going to the store to pick out a cake.

Josh opened presents first. He got some Lego's ( he loves the little guys that come with them), Dino race track for cars and some dragons of course.
Here is a shot of the cake. It was a How to Train your Dragon cake. We had special sparkling candles. They were kind of fun.

Josh with his viking hat on. He wanted to have cake first. We tried to have him eat some dinner first but that really didn't happen. No wonder he has a hard time gaining any weight. He had a great birthday and loved the cards from everyone. He is looking forward to using his gift card from Grammy and Grandpa, Thank you.