Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Soccer, Fall, Halloween

The fall soccer season has come to an end. The last game was a little wet and cold. Josh had a great time playing, and it was so much fun for the family to watch him.

Team photo. Can you tell it was cold. I love everyone's hat. Josh's team was called the Green Giraffes. They won every game they played but one and that game they tied. The Green Giraffes were a great little team.

Josh taking the ball to the goal. He is the green shirted player with the blue hat with only one white stripe.

Bella enjoying her hot chocolate while holding an umbrella. Zach was at basketball. It was also his last day of basketball camp. He had lots of fun playing some 5 on 5 for the last day.

Here is a picture from our back yard of some of the beautiful fall foliage. It has been fun living somewhere where they actually have a fall.

Here is a picture of our house. When I was taking pictures of the leaves I went ahead and took one of the house too. I don't think I have put a picture of the new house up yet.

Here is a picture of some of our fall decorations. Josh had lots of fun helping me.

Josh as General Grievous with a mini light saber. I think he is just too cute to be such a bad guy. He really wanted to have 4 arms but they didn't have a small costume with 4 arms. Oh well. The bigger one was just going to be to hard to carry and I didn't want to be the one carrying it. I did end up carrying Josh's mask and Bella's jacket and Zach's gun while also holding an umbrella because it was raining. I don't think that I could of managed a light saber too.

Here is our beautiful Eskimo. Since our neighborhood only has 5 houses we went trick-or-treating with Bella's friend from school.

Zach as Captain Sparrow. Can you find Josh and Bella looking out the window while I took Zach's picture. It looks like Bella's even posing for the picture. Too funny.

Group photo. I had to stand in the rain to take the picture.

all had a great Halloween. I was able to help with Bella's class party. Josh was able to come with me. Bella's class loved him. They kept trying to get him to give them hi 5's. I was in charge of the craft. I had the class make haunted houses. Josh was glad that he got to make on too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Fall is in the air. I will post some pictures later this week of the beautiful fall colors of the trees. Along with enjoying the wonderful fall weather we have been busy with soccer for Josh and basketball for Zach. Both are having lots of fun.

Here is a great shot of Josh being goalie. He is not afraid of going after the ball.

Josh is on his way to scoring a goal. He has scored 2 goals in the last two games.

Josh posing in his goalie gear. Our team got a new goalie helmet. So cute.

Josh on the wagon ride from getting pumpkins. He had a lot of fun.

Josh, Bella, and Zach enjoying some cotton candy after the wagon ride and getting pumpkins.

This are apple gourds. I had never seen these before. We thought they were pretty cool.

Another shot of Josh and Bella enjoying cotton candy in the barn.

Josh with the pumpkins he picked. 1 green and 1 orange.

Bella and her white pumpkin. Zach decided he didn't want a pumpkin. I think the reason was Matt and I told the kids that they had to be able to carry their pumpkins. There were some really big pumpkins out in the field.

Zach enjoying the wagon ride.

Bella and Josh on the wagon. Our wagon was pulled by a blue tractor just like Grandpa Winters'. We had a lot of fun. Hopefully we will be able to do a corn maze next week.

Monday, September 19, 2011

School and Soccer

School and soccer have started. Josh is the only one taking soccer this fall. Zach's age group plays on Sunday so he is not taking it. Hopefully we can find something for him. Bella has started ballet, jazz, and tap. She seems to like it. Here are some pictures of Josh playing soccer.

Josh looking at his cheering section. I think we are the loudest ones at the game. Josh always looks over and gives us a smile after he has done something. Zach wishes he was the coach. He likes to give Josh lots of pointers.

Josh is the smallest on the field but he has done great. He scored a goal at the 1st game. His team is 2-0. They do great.

Josh is the goalie. Here they have a goalie for every age division. This is a first for our family. The kids have to wear a helmet. He is so cute. The coach said Josh is the best goalie because he isn't scared of the ball.. He isn't afraid to dive on the ball or run up and grap it. The girls on the team refuse to be goalie. Their mom's say they don't like the helmet that you have to wear. So funny.

Here is the team at half time listening to the coach. It is so much fun to watch Josh play we are really enjoying it.

Josh started preschool the same day as Zach and Bella's 1st day of school. He was very nervous, but when I came to pick him up he said "What are you doing he so soon." He goes to preschool for 3 hours 3 days a week. It is kind of sad for mom realizing her baby is growing up.

Zach's 1st day of 6th grade. He is in pre-algebra this year. I think it is a good thing for him. I don't think he would have learned to much in 6th grade math. This year he also has a friend from church in his class so that is nice.

Bella's 1st day of 4th grade. She is loving school and being with friends. She is taking the flute this year and has fun practicing. So far the school year is off to a great start we hope it continues.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Josh Turns 5

My baby has turned 5. I can't believe he is growing up. Josh had a great b-day. He got lots of Lego's. He is really into Lego's. He also loved getting to talk to his grandma's on the phone. He was so cute. Early in the day before lunch he came up to me and said mom no one has sang happy birthday to me. So I told him that I bet his grandma's will call him and sing to him. So he was happy when they did. For his birthday dinner we went to Dairy Queen. Then we were able to go do mini golf and bumper boats. We go so wet. Josh loved it. Then we came home and opened presents, and had cake and ice cream. Such a fun day.
Opening presents . . . finally. I made the mistake of setting the present out after lunch. Josh kept asking to open his presents all day long. Will not make that mistake again.

Playing pin the tail on the donkey

Josh's cake. He did not want me to make a Lego cake he wanted to pick one out at Walmart. He loved the toy on top.

Playing with his new Lego's.Thanks to everyone for the birthday phone calls and all the cards it really made his day.

Bear Lake

The 1st week in August we were able to take a family trip out west to Bear Lake. We had a wonderful time seeing Matt's family. The kids had a great time with all of their cousins.

Zach standing in front of one of the amazing views we saw while on our trip. Matt and I really enjoyed seeing the moutains again. In the east we just have lots of hills.

Enjoying and icee after playing around in Park City.
While in Utah we were able to meet up with some of my(Amy) family. We got to see my sisters Lisa and Trish and also Trish's cute family. We were also able to go to part of the Workman family reunion and see Grandpa Pres and Grandma Greta. We are so glad we were able to see them.

Josh enjoying the Merry-go- round. Zach and Josh also played mini golf with cousins Jordan and Bryant.

The Gardner girls after performing their girl dance. They did a great job.

Isabella with her make-up on. One night Kasey and Kaitland did the girl's hair and did their make-up. Isabella looked so grown-up.

Of course since we were at Bear Lake we had to enjoy the lake. Zach and Bella are enjoying their lunch.

Zach and his cousin Sam and Colton spent the whole day in the water swimming and playing on the hot dog. They had a lot of fun. In the evenings they played their DSi's while Josh watched on.

Isabella playing with BG. She loved helping him.

Josh in the water. While at Bear Lake we were also able to go out on grandpa's boat, go horse back riding, and go golfing. It was such great trip. We were glad to be able to take it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Washington DC

While in Washington DC we were able to see several of the Smithsonian Museums. The kids all found different things that they were interested in.
Boat with cannons needless to say Josh loved it. It was called the Pennsylvania from the Revolutionary War. It was very cool.

Waiting for the parade to start. So glad we had Victoria with us. Each adult had one child so no one would get lost with the millions of people there for the 4th of July.

Isabella trying on a hat like Abraham Lincoln. The museum had one of his actual hats. That was one of Matt's favorites.

The Wright brothers first plane that flew.

Washington Monument. We didn't make it to the Lincoln Monument it was to far for Josh. Maybe next time.

Bella's favorite. The ruby red shoes from The Wizard of Oz.

Josh and Zach with Dumbo reminding them of Disney World.

The Hope Diamond. There were some many people in line to see this from all four sides. It was crazy.

In the museum of Natural History the blue whale over head. Very cool.

The boys in front of a grizzly bear. We had such a wonderful time. It was the first time for us to ride the subway. It was so much easier than driving. We had and great time at the concert and enjoyed hearing: Jordan Sparks, Josh Grobin, Matthew Morrison, Steve Martin on Banjo,and Josh's favorite Little Richard. He was so cute when he started to dance. Alas my camera was out of memory so I wasn't able to capture it. After the fireworks and concert in was crazy how many people were packed into the metro. It was like a can of sardines. Crazy. Matt and I both drove which was a good thing because we would have had a hard time in the truck. I only missed one exit and ended up driving through Washington DC so we got to see everything again. I was so scared. I don't do well driving in big cities. I was so glad Victoria was there to offer moral support and help watch for cars so I would know when I could more over. After that Matt would always try to make sure I knew ahead of time what exit we were taking so I wouldn't mess up again. I am just glad we made it back safely and had a great time.

On Victoria's last day with us we went and looked at the Amish countryside. It was so neat. Bella wasn't to impressed. We also were able to visit to shops. Thanks for visiting Victoria.