Monday, May 16, 2011

We are finally having a few days without rain. So far since January we have had 7 sunny days. So we try to take advantage of the days when it is sunny and do something outside.
This week was the week for field trips. Zach went to Fort Pitt and Isabella took and walking tour of Zelie. She even got to eat at a local restaurant for lunch. Josh and I went with his play group on a field trip to the local dairy. The highlight was feeding the calves. Josh was a little upset when we first got there. He thought when I said that we were going to see the cows that that meant that we were going to Grandpa Winters' house. His first thoughts when we got out of the car were " This isn't grandpa's. I want to see grandpa's cows." I felt so bad. Poor guy.
Here is Josh feeding the calf. He loved this calf. I think because it was the cleanest.

Here are some snap shots of the kids playing at the park. It was so muddy but the kids had fun.

Sliding down the slide. Josh was a bit nervous at first since it was such a tall slide, but after awhile he really got into going down by himself.