Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter and Victoria's Visit

While Victoria was visiting we were able to go to the French Quarter Festival and also go see a plantation. We also got to eat at a lot of great places. It was wonderful to see her. We also went to a lot of soccer games. It was the craw fish tournament for Zach all week.

Josh standing in front of the plantation house.Bella lost her two front teeth along with the bottom teeth Her smile it so cute.

Bella and Josh coloring eggs.

Josh finding a confetti filled egg.

Zach finding some eggs. We are so glad that Victoria and Scott came to visit. It was nice to see family.

Soccer and Nature Walk

Zach has been doing great at soccer. He got moved from defense to forward. So he has made a lot of goals and assists. He liked having Scott and Victoria watch him play. He really wanted to impress them.

Zach is number 1.

This is a picture from the nature walk went took while Victoria was here inbetween conference. Josh fell in a mud puddle and didn't not like being dirty. I had to take off his shirt. He wanted to take off his shorts to but I said no. He was pretty sad.
Victoria, Bella, Zach and Josh watching the turtles and looking for alligators.

Scott Visits

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Alright a long while. I have been enjoying spending time with my brother Scott and my sister Victoria. Scott had the same spring break that Zach and Isabella had so he came down here. I kids loved having him here. I didn't really do that much with him. Matt took Scott and Zach to several basketball games. Lakers and the Blazers. Zach was also glad to see his Hornets play. They had seventh row seats for the Blazer game so you could see them on T. V. a couple times. I recorded that game so they could see it. I took Scott on a nature walk that isn't to far from are house, and also to Insatagator. It was very interesting. They really want you to buy alligator products.
Josh posing with an alligator.
Scott, Bella and Zach listening to some facts about alligator.

Josh touching an alligator. We all got to touch one. I was so surprised that Zach touch one. He didn't want his picture taken but I was glad his touched it.

This is BOB the alligator. He was born without a tail. So he can not go back into the wild. He look pretty weird with out a tail.
Feeding the alligators the marshmallows. They loved them.

Josh standing by another alligator. We had a lot of fun with Scott and our so glad that he came to visit.