Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Soccer, Fall, Halloween

The fall soccer season has come to an end. The last game was a little wet and cold. Josh had a great time playing, and it was so much fun for the family to watch him.

Team photo. Can you tell it was cold. I love everyone's hat. Josh's team was called the Green Giraffes. They won every game they played but one and that game they tied. The Green Giraffes were a great little team.

Josh taking the ball to the goal. He is the green shirted player with the blue hat with only one white stripe.

Bella enjoying her hot chocolate while holding an umbrella. Zach was at basketball. It was also his last day of basketball camp. He had lots of fun playing some 5 on 5 for the last day.

Here is a picture from our back yard of some of the beautiful fall foliage. It has been fun living somewhere where they actually have a fall.

Here is a picture of our house. When I was taking pictures of the leaves I went ahead and took one of the house too. I don't think I have put a picture of the new house up yet.

Here is a picture of some of our fall decorations. Josh had lots of fun helping me.

Josh as General Grievous with a mini light saber. I think he is just too cute to be such a bad guy. He really wanted to have 4 arms but they didn't have a small costume with 4 arms. Oh well. The bigger one was just going to be to hard to carry and I didn't want to be the one carrying it. I did end up carrying Josh's mask and Bella's jacket and Zach's gun while also holding an umbrella because it was raining. I don't think that I could of managed a light saber too.

Here is our beautiful Eskimo. Since our neighborhood only has 5 houses we went trick-or-treating with Bella's friend from school.

Zach as Captain Sparrow. Can you find Josh and Bella looking out the window while I took Zach's picture. It looks like Bella's even posing for the picture. Too funny.

Group photo. I had to stand in the rain to take the picture.

all had a great Halloween. I was able to help with Bella's class party. Josh was able to come with me. Bella's class loved him. They kept trying to get him to give them hi 5's. I was in charge of the craft. I had the class make haunted houses. Josh was glad that he got to make on too.

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